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Kickstart your child’s curiosity for literacy and math with an award-winning lineup of captivating apps, books, and practice materials: all designed to build the right skills at the right time!

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Experience the Legacy of Excellence
with Hooked & Company

Nurture Your Child’s Love For Learning, No Teaching Degree Required

At Hooked & Company, we believe that parents are their children’s first teachers. We also understand that’s a big responsibility — one that you may not feel 100% prepared to tackle.

That’s why we’ve supported millions of families for 35+ years by meeting kids at their level, engaging their imaginations, and helping them climb to the next level step by step.

Are you ready to create a positive cycle of curiosity and success in learning?

Experience the Legacy of Excellence
with Hooked & Company

A Legacy of Joyful Learning (That’s So Much More Than Just Phonics!)

You may know us best for Hooked On Phonics — the award-winning program making literacy exciting and inspiring since 1987. Over the years, though, we’ve helped kids and families achieve so much more than just learning to read!

As a team of parents, educators, interactive designers, writers, and artists, our everyday mission is to make learning a celebration of success and a builder of skills and self-esteem. With expert programming from Hooked & Company (that just feels like fun!) in reading, math, and more, your child will lay a foundation for lifelong learning and success.

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“As a reading teacher, I can say that Hooked on Phonics offers excellent resources that align with the Science of Reading and offer parents what they need to support their child. Thanks to Hooked on Phonics, I can build up my daughter’s reading knowledge in an appropriate way. If you have ANY concerns about your child’s reading, don’t think twice subscribe to Hooked on Phonics!”

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